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Security - Account Terminated


Your account may be blocked for up to 24 hours. This block will automatically be removed after this period. In some cases you will receive a new password via email.

If your account was blocked due to breaking the law, your account will be terminated, your IP will be blacklisted from our website and no refund.



We use the latest GEO-Tagging IP security system that can spot password sharing and hacking within seconds.

We take giving out of passwords very seriously and it is against the law.



We use a special tagging security software for all our content (both videos and photos).

There is no exception for piracy as you will bring the website to an end and it is against the law.


Site Rippers / Downloaders:

We use a bandwidth monitoring system which does not allow any kind of website rippers / downloaders as these cause problems with our servers and is not fair on other members.

We take website ripping / downloading very seriously and it is against the law.


Fair Usage Policy:

We do have a fair usage policy which allows up to 10GB (equivalent to approx 50 videos) of streaming / downloading per day.

This is to help with server load, so that every member can have a pleasant experience.


Proxy or IP Detection:

We no longer use proxy or IP detection, as we understand some users may want to use these for many reasons.